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Audio samples of Grace Church's historic organ

Grace Church's Historic Organ

Our Grace Church organ still contains a few pipes from the original 1904 instrument.   A new organ was built in 1962 in honor of organist and choirmaster William Morvan, who served Grace Church for 50 years.   Further improvements began in 1966.  The flood of 1972 seriously damaged some of the vital components, and the repair and rebuilding of various parts continued for many years.   

In 1988 a capital fund drive was launched to renovate the organ.  The work was accomplished by Father Richard Strauss of Ithaca during the years 1989-1992.   Our organ is now unquestionably one of the finest instruments in the "Upstate New York" region, and we are fortunate to have it played and maintained by talented artists who both understand and love it.

The Pipe Box

Organ Pipes

The Organ Console

Organ Console


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